Solved! How to Restore iPhone Firmware without iTunes

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Additionally, you might want to delete an IPSW file if it’s corrupted and you keep running into issues while updating or restoring an iPhone or iPad. That should again prompt Finder or iTunes to download a fresh copy from the Apple servers.

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  • In case the problem persists, try Stellar Toolkit for iPhone to fix the iOS issue.
  • When you see “iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode”, click OK and then choose Restore iPhone.
  • Nevertheless, if you are still facing a few setbacks, then don’t worry.
  • It could be anything from a non-responsive touch to an unknown error.
  • If you are asking this question, it is paramount to highlight why iPhone won’t update 15.

In the world of iPhone and Apple devices, firmware has become a broader and interchangeably used term. Firmware commonly refers to the phone codes which deal with the cell tower communication for voice and data. Also, it includes the boot Read-only memory which is essentially a chip that holds start-up information. If you followed all these steps correctly, your firmware issue should now be resolved. ITunes/Finder will install the updates and restart your iPhone and you will see Success message on iTunes dashboard.

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Simply restarting or rebooting your iPhone can fix failed update error. You can contact Apple support free assistance on any iOS issue. Although, there is no clear iOS software repair service offered by Apple. However, the new self-service repair program by Apple would allow you to fix hardware issues. You can buy parts to replace iPhone screen, battery, and camera, etc. The steps to DFU Mode is similar to Recovery Mode. Just that the iOS device screen shows blank in DFU Mode unlike Recovery Mode, which displays ‘Connect to iTunes’ message.

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  • Another possible cause of MacBook black screen of death is software or firmware malfunction.
  • In spite of our painstaking efforts, sometimes errors occur.
  • Press and hold Option key (MAC) or press and hold Shift key (Windows) after iTunes/Finder detects your iPhone.
  • In order to do this, hold the power button of your device for around 5 seconds.

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